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In 1993 a group of Mexican professionals with experience in strategic managment in Communications and Public Relations, met to offer a wide range of products through consulting services.

In Mexico, we created a strong and important customer base. In 2000 and after establishing permanent offices in Mexico City and Nuevo Leon, we arrived to Europe, settling down an office in Madrid, Spain where the magazine CARTA DE MEXICO was born.

We managed to establish partnerships and strategic linkages with major international prestige companies dedicated to advertising, communication and public relations .

Euroamérica Group, then resized the services and products offered , giving comprehensive response to the needs of customers in Mexico with interest to venture into Europe and other continents. Meanwhile international firms have an ally who knows the terrain to link them effectively with the Mexican market and Latin America.

With this transformation, Euroamérica Group services were optimized and now allows more efficiently meet the needs of private companies and public agencies. Today, Euroamérica Group has offices in Mexico City, Madrid, Spain, Bogota, Colombia and Miami, USA. He has managed to form a group of business partners in Argentina, Brazil, Moscow, UK, Italy, France, Germany, China and Panama.