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Carta de México

Carta de México is a product of Euroamerica Group which began operations in Madrid, Spain it circulated as a newsletter intended to the mexican students temporaly residing in Madrid.

Later, was detected in Madrid and other Spanish cities, the existance of a market interested in Mexican information and in the other hand, in Mexico, a large group of interested people in Spansih news. So, the newsletter became a real magazine edited by professionals with the misión to be a link between two countries united by histroy, culture and economy. With a common past and a shared future.

Carta de México began to circulate in 2000, full of meanings because of the new century and the beginning of a new millenium, but also because of political transition in Mexico, the formalization of real democracy. From the beginning, we put a special emphasis on tourism and business issues because we believe that is a full connection of benefits, from job creations to mutual understandig.

Carta de México became of interest for the spanish companies attracted in Mexico and for the mexican businessmen interesten in Spain, as well as for the residents of each country. In two ocassions, Carta de México was inserted in the ABC newspaper and in LA RAZON which have 150,000 copies each one, ensuring an approachment with our readers.

With the same zeal, the Project strenghtnes an now is an electronic Magazine.

The writing and images are adjusted to the new format, but the responsibility to be an attractive lnk between two countries separated by an ocean but closely united by a conscious desire to be close, prevails.